W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 5 (The Oasis Thread!)

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W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 5 (The Oasis Thread!)

Postby RYXlord » Wed May 21, 2008 1:49 pm

Warning: Those unacustomed to this thread may feel a bit intimidated. Please dont be. I've strived to make it as user friendly as posible as i can without losing any of the information. You dont have to read through every single thing here to participate, though I strongly recomend that you at least read the 'How To Use This Thing' section below.

-W.O.H.P.A.O.H 5: What Others Have Posted About Oasis Here 5-

Table of contents
    Table of contents
    A Few Words From RYXlord...
    New Since W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 4
    Other Threads of Interest
    What This Thing Is, and How it Works
    How to Use this Thing

        Restraint Code Theory
        Action B1 Theory
        Primary Override Theory 1: Defend the Doctor
        Primary Override Theory 2: There is No Spoon.
        The Theory of Conflicting Command priority
        The Theory of Woh-Pah!
        The Sooner Dead Than Captured Theory
        The Pawn of Bun-bun Oasis Theory
        The 'The Fanatic vs The Conscript' Theory
        The 'Puppet is the Puppeteer' Override Theory
        The Memory Retention Theory
        The Cell B1 Theory

      Physical Make-Up
        The Robotics Theory
        The Perfectly Normal Human Being Theory
        The Enhanced Human Being Theory
        The Nanite Theory
        The Part Alien Theory
        The Symbiote Theory
        The Physical Brain Implant Theory
        The Clone Theory
        The Modified Ordinary Children Theory
        The Efficient Regeneration Theory
        The Triggered Regeneration Theory
        The Oasis is a Weaponized Ghost Theory
        The Oasis is a Ghostly Collective Theory
        The Hardened Ghost Theory

      Brains and Memories
        The Brain Implant Theory
        The Cyborg Brain Theory
        The Artificial Brain Theory
        The Stowaway AI Theory
        The Hair Transmiter Theory
        The Pizza Roll Distraction Theory
        The Puppet Master Theory
        The Emotional Elevation Theory

      Assorted Deities
        The Yin-Yang Theory
        The 28 Greeks Later Theory
        The Oasis is the Moon Twin Theory
        The Oasis is the Sun Twin Theory

      Fighting Skill Loss
        The Improper Use Theory
        The Repeating Error Theory
        The Outside Force Theory
        The Physical Conditioning Theory
        The Magical Phase Theory
        The Self-Knowledge Theory
        The Psyche Out Theory
        The Oasis Cant Hurt Innocents Theory

        The Storage Facility Theory
        The Teleportation Theory
        The Scattered Pod Theory
        The Cabin Lab Theory
        The Drop Pod Theory

      Daedalus and Doctor Steve
        The Steve Stole from hC Theory
        The Daedalus is a Cultist of K'Z'K Theory
        The Alternate Dimensions Theory
        The Doctor Steve Is Daedalus Theory
        The Project Daedalus Theory
        The Magical Being Theory
        The Daedalus is Mr. Stix Theory
        The Doctor Steve Isnt Dead Theory

        The Quality Control Theory
        The Physical Control Theory
        The New Model Theory
        The Highly Expensive Theory
        The One Soul Theory
        The Flexible Programming Theory
        The Multiple Brainwashed People Theory

        The Serial Immortality Theory
        The Highly Fortunate Theory
        The Natural Resurrection Theory
        The Single, Immortal, Oasis Theory
        The Soul Cage Theory
        The Corpse Snatcher Theory
        The Body Snatcher Theory

      Youth and Origin
        Elf-Data Theory 1: The True Neutral Theory
        Elf-Data Theory 2: The Destroyed Recordings Theory
        Elf-Data Theory 3: The Off the Radar Theory
        The Escaped Experiment Theory
        The Smuggled Goods Theory
        The Split Project Theory

      The Future
        The Kickass Fight Scene Theory
        The Noble Sacrifice Theory
        The Torg-Zoe Love Theory
        The Happilly Ever After Theory
        The Oasis Powering Chaz Theory
        The Pete Is Ad-Libbing Theory
        The Star Wars Theory
        The Death to Torgy Theory

A Few Words From RYXlord...
If you were part of the previus Oasis discussions, and feel I have missed anything important here (and i'm possitive i did) pm me so I can edit it in or fix it, please. Also, Please visit the "contributors" section at the bottom of this post.

FUN FACT: as of this posting (W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 5), we've gone through a massive 80 pages of Oasis-Spec goodness! (give or take)

The contributors list is still almost entirly bare. I lost alot of my in-progress data on this one, so my first priority is crediting the missing contributors for this one.
Again, seriusly, if you want credit for any theory I have overlooked crediting you on, please PM me. It'll save me a bunch of work.

This one was a long time in coming. For varius reasons I've had to start from scratch a number of times, and a great deal of situations in my life kept taking priority. Let it not be said that I dont finish what I start, though, just that it takes me a good while to finally get around to it.

Thanking you for all your ongoing support and patience,

New Since W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 4

    -Changed Title to be more obviusly Oasis-related.
    -Updated Facts List
    -Added New Catagory: Youth and Origin
    -Added Four New Links to "Other Threads of Interest"
    -Changed "Single Oasis Theory" to "Single, Immortal, Oasis Theory' (to prevent term confusion)
    -Added "Elf-Data Theory 1: The True Neutral Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "Elf-Data Theory 2: The Destroyed Records Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "Elf-Data Theory 3: the Off-The-Radar Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "The Escaped Experiment Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "The Smuggled Goods Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "The Split Project Theory" to the 'Youth and Origin' catagory
    -Added "The Cell B1 Theory" to the 'Overrides' catagory
    -Added "The Pizza roll distraction theory" to the 'Brains and Memories' catagory
    -Added "The puppet master theory" to the 'Brains and Memories' catagory
    -Added "The Emotional Elevation Theory" to the 'Brains and Memories' catagory
    -Added "The Soul Cage Theory" to the 'Death' catagory
    -Added "The Corpse Snatcher Theory" to the 'Death' catagory
    -Added "The Body Snatcher Theory" to the 'Death' catagory
    -Added "The Oasis is a ghostly collective theory" to the 'Physical Make-up' catagory
    -Added "The Oasis is a Weaponized Ghost theory" to the 'Physical Make-up' catagory
    -Added "The Hardened Ghost Theory" to the 'Physical Make-up' catagory
    -Added "The Drop Pod Theory" to the 'Location' catagory
    -Added "The Doctor Steve Isnt Dead Theory" to the 'Daedalus and Doctor Steve' catagory
    -Added a number of assorted arguments
    -Revised a few of the older theories for phrasing clarification
    -corrected several minor formating errors

Other Threads of Interest
The following is a list of previus discussions related to Oasis, provided for your convenience. These threads are largely dead and are here for archival purpose and interest. Just because Oasis returns to life, doesnt mean these threads should. Remember: do not call up that which you cannot put down, and never revive any threads bigger than your oWn head.

Override B1
Override B2
WOHPAOH #1... #2... #3... #4...

Oasis: Innocent Blood?: A discussion regarding the innocence of Oasis.

The Darker Side of Pizza Rolls: A comparison between sam and oasis,and the nature of morality and evil therein. also, pizza rolls.

Oasis and Torg: A heated debate regarding the viability of a Oasis+Torg relationship vs a Zoe+Torg relationship. (and the flame war therein)

Moon Twin??: An explenation and discussion of who exactly the moon twin is and how she connects to everything.

Innocent Blood: A further look at oasis innocence, and how the the 'Multiple-Oasis Theories' would affect it

What This Thing Is, and How it Works
Allright, basicly, W.O.H.P.A.O.H. is a compile of all the Oasis speculation. The original Oasis sepc thread was hitting the page limit (8 over, actually) and wanted to keep going, but it was getting hard for non-veterans to really get into it. It was proposed that we start a more generic Oasis topic and sum up all the info, that way people could get it all right away without having to read twenty pages.

Every time a W.O.H.P.A.O.H. thread hits the limit (10 pages), I compile all of the new data into the original post, along with all the old data. I then post it as a new topic, and we repeat the whole process. Fun. This is the ideal of how it works, I'm chronically late with new versions.

How To Use This Thing
Its been commented that the topic is a little daunting, so i'm going to help ease some of the would-be speculators out there...

To find a Theory or check to see if a theory you have has allready been brought up, I present the following example...

lets say you have a theory that Kusari is somehow the living embodiment of a magical knife created by the Moon Twin. You would first off all want to check the Table of Contents below, paying specific attention to the 'Kusari' and 'Assorted Deity' sub-headers in the theory section. Now, using your own judgement, if you feel like any of the theories named under those sections do not sound like they match with your theory (no 'Magic Knife Theory' for example), then chances are that you have a brand new theory. so go ahead, share it with us. we wont bite. i promise.

and remember,
-You dont have to read every single thing here. if you post a theory that has been stated before, no problem. I'll post the points for and against, and we can do some further speculation concerning that theory.
-There is rarely more than one theory discussed at a time, so if you get here late, you wont need to read back all that far to get fully caught up. reading is good for you however, and going through the whole thing might prove entertaining and give you some ideas.
-This is a pretty generic subject. If you want to talk about Oasis' fashion sense, go ahead. Just keep in mind that the majority of the time discussion is about the nature of Oasis and her past.
-I am allways looking for ways to improve this main post. if you have any suggestions at all for catagories, name changes, organisation, or anything, please PM me.

These are the facts. All of these points have been lifted from the comic and are presented without interpretation or speculation. keep in mind that any one of them may have been introduced to throw us off track, and that just because a character says something is true, doesnt mean it is. This list is not a complete one so far, and it may never be. if you believe there has been an important fact overlooked, please PM me with details and I will add it to the list as soon as I can.

-When we first meet oasis, she claims to be 'training' in woodlands.
-Dr. Steve talked into his watch whenever he was giving a command to Oasis.
-According to Steve, Oasis is the "ultimate spy, ultimate weapon for revenge and more powerful than she even knows".
-According to Dr. Steve, Oasis is an example of a "controlled mind made human", and that it was built by Steve himself.
-Steve mourned the loss of thirty years of data when his compound was set to self-destruct.
-The first time oasis was thought to have died was in the explosion and fire caused by Steve's self-destructing compound.
-The second appearance of Oasis was in le snootier six months after the isle of doctor Steve.
-Oasis insists on "No hankey-pankey till after (her and torg) are married"
-Oasis was impaled with a tree and thrown off a cliff by a magic wielding gwynn soon after her second appearance.
-Nine months after being impaled and thrown from a cliff, she appeard outside le snootier once more.
-Oasis first 'goes B-1' when she sees the Hereti-Corp insignia on one of her attackers.
-Kusari saved Oasis from an explosion only to refuse to fight her immediately after.
-Kusari has said that she and Oasis are 'family'
-A doctor at the hospital Oasis was taken to after her first encounter with Kusari said that Oasis had the most powerful immune system and healing factor he had seen
-Oasis appears right back at the hospital shortly after her death there
-Nine months after BWR, Oasis is in an apartment, being tracked by Hereti-Corp.
-In response to a flashback/memory/vision of Dr. Steve, she reacts with "father?"
-In a flashback/memory/vision, Dr. Steve says that Oasis is lost and that finding herself is key.
-In a flashback/memory/vision, Oasis thinks "my sister?" about kusari
-During most of Fire and Rain, Oasis comments that she "scars, but not where [she is] suppose to."
-After causing Kusari to "lose her head", Oasis was commited to a mental institution.
-during her stay in the mental istitution, Oasis has a vision/memory/flashback of doctor steve. In it, Steve comments that he had hidden several memories, and that it was the start down the path to knowing herself
-Torg proposed to Oasis, giving her his address and saying he loves her and doesn't want her to hurt anybody.
-Oasis was broken out of the mental institution by riff, and planted in the MK5 as part of the siege on AyleeCorp.
-Oasis was inside the MK5 when the EMP was used.
-Last we've seen of Oasis, she was "somewhere in the woodlands of Pennsylvania"
-After DDA, Oasis comments on how everything in her past life is "fuzzy around the edges".
-Oasis set off on the path to find herself, knowing that it may mean she wont see torg for a while.
-4 years later, Oasis appeared again, battling theives in Podunkton, Pennsylvania
-Grahammy reported to BunBun that Oasis was adopted by Doctor Seven Hereti at the age of six.
-Oasis was training with Sensei Feng.
-Oasis claims that she kills any Hereti-Corp agent she runs into, anyone wearing that stupid logo. She claims Steve made it so she has no choice.
-Oasis claims to have nothing but hazy memories of her childhood and steves experimentations on mind control, butmemories hae been opening up
-Oasis stayed in an orphanage in Virginia
-according to the lady at the orphanage, Oasis was there a month before being adopted.
-according to the lady at the orphanage, Oasis had deadly-accurate throwing skills even back then
-according to the lady at the orphanage, the crazed looking man who dropped her off claimed that Oasis' last name was 'Roken'
-Oasis cant really cook
-Oasis ran the canadian crime syndicate out of podunkton (the full incident was a bonus story from book nine)
-Oasis has sleepwear that reads "Isle of Dr.Steve sleep wear" and has a picture of herself on it.(seen in book nine bonus story)
-The Orsintos Research Center is in the middle of the Virginia woods, about twenty miles from Oasis' orphanage, fourty from Quantico.
-According to Riff, the Orsintos research center was trying to weaponize ghosts
-Torg found one of Oasis' paintings in cell B1 of the Orsintos research center
-Oasis has been shot in the head.
-Oasis returned shortly after being shot in the head, wearing her combat gear
-Oasis was aware of happenings surrounding her body after her death
-When called a ghost, oasis had a flashback of the Orsintos Research center logo
-Oasis remembers a place like a school, a place of evil powers, ghosts, spirits. while flashing the orsintos logo.
-Oasis claims to have the same memories but feels and blocks her way through them in different ways because 'shes different people'
-Oasis speculates that she is 'like, a ghost or a spirit of vengeance that can dominate or possess a person enough to make them even take on her appearence'
-A body was found which may or may not have been oasis'
-hC has turned into House of Cheese in an attempt to draw Oasis out.
-The Orsintos labs logo was on the wall of a zombie research facility, stating 'Founded 1950'
-Zombies had taken over the Orsintso Labs zombie research complex in 1968
-Schlock gave hC DFA technology
-Schlock became head of hC and fired Daedalus. Kusari appeared to obey Schlock once he was in charge.

These are the theories. There are a lot of them. The list here is a compilation of the theories gathered from Override B1, Override B2, W.O.H.P.A.O.H.1, W.O.H.P.A.O.H.2, W.O.H.P.A.O.H 3, W.O.H.P.A.O.H 4, and a number of other topics. The organisation of these theories is a difficult matter, and if you had a theory in those topics that I missed, I apologize. I have organized this section by general category, meaning that all theories concerning the nature of Kusari can be found under the 'Kusari' section. Supporting points are in green, while conflicting points are in red. If a point was made to support or counter an established supporting/conflicting point, then it has been tabbed over and colored in respect to weather it supports or opposes its parent point. Make sense? No? Good! Welcome to Oasis spec central. Some are so crazy that they just might work. Conversely, some are so likely to work that to actually suspect it would be crazy. You be the judge.
Theories tend not to be mutually exclusive. You can pretty easilly pick elements you like out of a number of theories without running into any real trouble, so dont go into this thinking we expect you to subscribe to a theory and staunchly defend it against all others. The idea is to promote critical thought, questions, speculation, and most of all, fun. Enjoy.

heres an example of the point/counterpoint system i've used. (thanks to Novae D'Arx for the example)

The Baked-Goods Theory
States that Oasis is made out of gingerbread.
    -She can be very sweet at times.
      -She can also be very bitter
    -She is able to get wet without dissolving.
      -Steve may have invented a non-disolving gingerbread
        -Steve was a genius and probably quite capable of doing such a thing
    -Her being constructed from gingerbread would allow her to be "rebaked" after death, explaining her apparent immortality.

"Statements that support the original thesis can be in red, as long as they're nested so that they are addressing not the main thesis, but instead addressing a sub-statement."

and so, without further adu...

Originally introduced in this strip, 'override B1' has become a major part of Oasis character, introducing her rather unique relationship with Hereti-Corp, and the thousands of questions concerning her past that arise from it. The exact nature of the override is shrouded in mystery. Here are some of the theories about it.

Restraint Code Theory
States that B1 is her self-restraint code, and that, upon identification of an hC employee, she overrides it, allowing herself to go berserk. Under this theory, it has been speculated that override A1 may be, amongst other things, the code that corresponds to Oasis’ ability to lie, and Oasis’ inability to flea from combat.
    -The way she seems to not remember things that happen while in override mode, such as during the assault on Hereti-Corp, indicate that her higher brain functions are being overridden temporarily.
      -The memory loss may have been a result of her insanity, which, combined with her anti-violence mindset, could have rejected the memories.
    -This implies that her overriding of it is a willing or conscius thing
      -part of her brainwashing/programming may have been to do it as a response, making it a willing thing, if not a conscius thing.

Action B1 Theory
States that override B1 is the command to override normal behaviour and input processing and focus exclusively on the extermination or incapacitation of any and all identified Hereti-Corp employees. It is a command given to her when she was younger, similar to the actions Steve would read when training her.

Primary Override Theory 1: Defend the Doctor
The first Theory concerning override A1 states that it would be used to cause her to stop whatever she is doing and defend Dr. Steve, much in the same way override B2 seems to cause her to stop whatever she is doing and attack Hereti-Corp members.
    -The way in which she proected Torg more than Steve inthis strip would indicate that the protection of Dr.Steve was not the highest of the priorities.
      - but in this strip, Dr. Steve specifically says that Oasis would do anything to save his life, but that was overriden by the order to love Torg.

Primary Override Theory 2: There is No Spoon
The second Theory concerning override A1 states that override A1 simply does not exist.
    -Override A1 may have been part of an older "version's" programming, which was removed in Oasis. They could have moved on to the next override code instead of writing a new A1 to prevent confusion.
    -The B in override B1 may stand for something, such as 'behaviour', instead of being part of an ordered series.
    -The B1 may have been derived from Oasis' apparent cell at the Orsintos lab

The Theory of Conflicting Command Priority
States that the names assigned to the overrides are not indicative of their priority
    -The way in which Oasis seems to have trouble in this strip when trying to decide between the 'Torgy override' and override B1 would indicate this.

The Theory of Woh-Pah!
States that the way in which Oasis exclaims "Override B1" before she attacks is an unconscious or unintentional result of years of training and conditioning, similar to the way martial artist may say "hi-yah!" before an attack.
    -People have been known to recite things to help them remember things; this may be the case with Oasis.
    -Oasis has displayed similar behaviour, such as talking to herself in this stripand constantly reciting 'Nosce Te Ipsum' to herself.
      -During Fire and Rain, Oasis may have been reciting 'Nosce Te Ipsum' out of insanity than for practical reasons.
    -Fails to explain the conflict between override B1 and 'Torgy override' in this strip

The Sooner Dead Than Captured Theory
States that override B1 may have been programmed to ensure that Oasis was never taken alive by Hereti-Corp.

The Pawn of Bun-bun Oasis Theory
States that Bun-Bun has had control over Oasis since the end of her initial arc.
    -Bun-Bun is never around when Oasis is around.
    -Bun-Bun's commands to "break nerd-boy's neck and bring me alphalpha hay" may have gotten jarbled by the computer to a command that gave him control over her.

    -Oasis has never done anything that would indicate Bun-Bun control.
      -Bun-Bun may be playing it very subtly, and using her to manipulate the Torg/Zoe dynamic
    -They are both accounted for during DDA in the same place.
      -We never see them 'on camera' together through that entire arc though.
      -Bun-Bun went with Riff to pick up Oasis, he could have given her some commands there.
    Oasis would be an excelent way of dealing with santa without becoming a holiday.

The 'The Fanatic vs The Conscript' Theory
States that the true potential Steve mentioned is that Oasis is capable of carrying out orders with fanatical devotion due to implanted emotional interest, as opposed to following out orders for orders sake like Kusari does, and that the Overrides are there to ensure certain behavior during special cercomstances.
    -Would explain 'Torgy/B1' conflict, as the emotional commands would have been the priority of the programming.

The 'Puppet is the Puppeteer' Override Theory
States that the 'The puppet is the Pupeteer' line in the border of Gwynn's vision refers to the way in which Override B1 takes over Oasis. Therefore deducing that since Oasis is the puppet, she must also be the controller.
    -It could be claimed that if B1 is a left-over from Dr.Steve's tampering with her mind , it is quite logically her mind that is controlling the B1, just under the conditions that Dr.Steve set and not of her own will.

The Memory Retention Theory
States that Oasis retains her memories from when in B1
    -Oasis remembers Kusari saying 'were familly' during her emotional crisis in Fire and Rain, despite the fact that she was in B1 mode when she heard Kusari say it.
      -The emotional trauma she was experiencing at the time may have triggered memories supressed by B1.
    -Oasis does not remember her killing people with pencils during DDA.
      -This may have been due to her pacifist mentality supressing the memories afterwards.

The Cell B1 Theory
States that Override B1 is named for the cell Oasis was kept in at the Orsintos research facility
    -It is unknown if she even stayed in that cell. It may be a red herring
      -Torg commented that one of her paintings is on the wall
        -How often do prissoners get to paint pictures for their cells?
    -Oasis was definantly at the Orsintos facility before coming to the orphanage

Are we not all remarkable machines? Oasis is, of course more so than most. From incredible feats of acrobatic skill to the mastery of balanced throwing and several forms of martial arts, to a death defying immune system and healing factor, Oasis' exact physical nature, like all things about her is a great source for speculation. The following are the theories concerning the nature of Oasis' body.

The Robotics Theory
States that Oasis is a robot.
    -The blood we've seen from Oasis may simply be oil and rust.
    -Dr.Steve never outright denies Oasis being a robot.
      -He never confirms it either.
    -Oasis has the ability to love and feel, so she's no less human then Torg or Zoë.
      -Several movies have featured Artificially Intelligence robots capable of that level of human emotion.
    -To our knowledge, no one in sluggy has the abilities to create that level of intelligence within a machine.
    -This strip shows that medical professionals have given Oasis a clean bill of humanity.
      -Dr.Steve may have built her out of entirly organic parts. an organic robot, if you will.
        -Unless she resembled a human inside, chances are they would have noticed something amiss.
          -how good of a covert assassin would she have been though, if she could be found out with just a simple medical look-over
    -We see herethat Oasis scars, which would make little sense in a robot.
    -Oasis has survived an EMP blast
      -The MK 5 may have acted as a faraday cage.
        -The MK 5 also survived, so it is likely the EMP never actually got inside
      -Had Oasis ever been weak against EMPs then hC would have known and had been persuing her with them right away.
    -Kusari has shown no evidence of being a robot besides being capable of resurrection
      -Kusari has never shown signs of not being a robot either (we've never seen her exposed to an EMP, for example).
        -We've seen that Kusari needs to eat, something a robot would not.
    -Oasis has needed food in the past
      -she may need it for organic fuel
    -The doctor that told Torg Oasis had died in the hospital may have been an hC operative.
    -We have seen Oasis as a child

The Perfectly Normal Human Being Theory
States that Oasis is a perfectly normal human being, physically.
    -There has been nothing that Oasis has done that may appear super-human is theoretically within the limits of an extremely well trained human.
    -Bizarre mental state may be due to fact that Oasis has been through enough to screw anyone up.

    -fails to explain Gwynn's vision
    -She allready possessed extremely uncanny abilities at the age of six.

The Enhanced Human Being Theory
States that Oasis is a biologically enhanced human, in so far as her physical abilities are concerned
    -She has demonstrated on numerouse accounts her heightened agility and reflexes
    -She has demonstrated super-human strength in her ability to break through a straightjacket and drive pencils far enough into someoneas to have them stick.
      -The incident at hC was, additionally, a good amount of time after being stuck in a mental institution as a pacifist. Odds are she wasnt working out all that much.
      -This may be within the limits of a normal human, depending on the quality of the jacket and the structural strength of the pencil.
        -They were Hereti-Corp pencils after all.
        -The tensil strength of the canvas most straightjackets are made of are about 6-7000 PSI, and would most liekly have re-inforced seems. not an easy feat to tear through, even if it is a relativly poor quality jacket.

The Nanite Theory
States that Oasis' healing factor and revivificational abilities are a result of Nanites integration
    -Dr.Crabtree may have worked for hC, so the technology would have been available to them
      -Crabtree was far from being able to get results in a human subject even by the time we had allready seen Oasis

The Part Alien Theory
States that Oasis and Kusari were created using technology gleaned from the Art Belal Aliens, and that Oasis and Kusari may have alien DNA within them, which are responsible for all of their seemingly super-human abilities.
    -Art Belal aliens had tubes and could produce copies of Art should he die.
    -According to this strip Art Belal took a long time to produce, whereas in this strip we see that Oasis is created rather quickly.
    -Kusari might be wearing mask to cover up disfigured area where alien DNA caused deformity.
    -hC could have been the ones creating the 'Gray Team' aliens.
      -the grays were extraterrestrial in origin
        there is much to suggest a terrestrial origin, chocolate flavoring for example.
      -could explain potential early relations between killum, Mayhem and hC
      -may have been one of hC's World domination attempts

The Symbiote Theory
States that Oasis is a form of Symbiot, possibly of Nanite or Alien nature, capable of altering a host to look like her and taking over control of the body.
    -The discrepencies in Mental stability may be a result of different hosts original personalities influencing the Oasis symbiot
    -The doctors found found Oasis to be a normal human
    -Why would a symbiote just wait around in an assylum instead of just jumping host?

The Physical Brain Implant Theory
States that Oasis has a chip in her brain that stimulates various portions of her gray matter to produced desired results such as adrenalin production, immune system efficiency, pain tollerence, and suggestibility.
    -This could also contribute to Oasis' mind control. see "The Brain Implant Theory" in the Brains and Memories section below.
    -minute problems in chip installation or placement could explain differences in sanity and personality
    -Oasis has survived an EMP blast

The Clone Theory
States that Oasis and Kusari are both clones of a mutual subject
    -Kusari did say that they were family.
    -it would seem at the least that if not clones of the same subject, each new Kusari/Oasis is a physical clone of the previus.

The Modified Ordinary Children Theory
States that Oasis and Kusari were both normal children altered by hC
    -grahamy did say that Dr.Hereti adopted Oasis when she was a child
      -She was allready physically powerfull and moody
      -She had allready been to the Orsintos lab upon her arrival to the orphange
    -if hC could do this to Kusari and Oasis, why not create more super soldiers?

The Efficient Regeneration Theory
States that Oasis full regenerative powers are implimented only for mortal wounds or damage sustained in combat
    -Would explain the scars seen on Oasis' arm during Fire and Rain
    -Would make sense, if the full healing factor takes too much in the way of resources for it to heal up every little scrape on an assassin who may be going days without food
    -Fails to explain the death in the hospital
    -Fails to explain body after Pheonix Rising

The Triggered Regeneration Theory
States that Oasis is able to regenerate, but only does so after sustaining massive damage
    -She retains scars from minor wounds in Fire and Rain, however has no scars from major wounds
      -A constantly regenerating assassin would seem to be a better idea
        -Unless regeneration had some sort of downside
          -Like the body rejecting implants. Any mind control implants, for instance.
          -Or maybe Oasis lapses into a coma during the healing process. Regrowing vital organs need as much blood flow as they can get
          -Heck, why not add insanity to the list as well. If she went into a coma, there could be some damage from lack of blood to the brain
    -Regeneration has been shown to happen in mammals in real life, so the technology isn't too far-fetched. (not that that matters in Sluggy, but it's always nice)
    -Fails to explain body after Pheonix Rising

The Oasis is a Weaponized Ghost Theory
States that Oasis is the result of Orsintos labs attempts at creating weaponized ghosts
    -The Orsintos group has had ghost research facilities and zombie research facilities
    -General Mayhem (who worked with Killum in the past) was looking for research on weaponized undead.
      -Mayhem hired BunBun to make a zombie army over thirty years after the Orsintos zombie lab was destroyed.
    -There are a number of Supernatural factions (demons, vampires, etc) who possess the ability and desire to set up such research.
    -Militarized ghosts are a proven sluggy concept
    -Oasis can still attack Zoe, yet Zoe is protected from ghosts
      -Ghosts aside, theres nothing to prevent Oasis' body from attacking Zoe's body.
      -Oasis didnt actually manage to hurt Zoe

The Oasis is a Ghostly Collective Theory
States that not only is Oasis the result of ghost-weapon research, but her 'soul' is in fact several ghosts in one body. see the 'Oasis is a weaponized ghost theory', above, for more information.
    -B1 could refer to the ghost in cell B1, which may have had an intense hatred for hC
    -would explain the differences in personality between deaths

The Hardened Ghost Theory
States that Oasis is a spirit capable of 'solidifying' back into life after she dies. see "The weaponized Ghost Theory", above, for more details.
    -Fails to explain duffel bag of clothing
    -Fails to explain how shes automatically back to her default armor whenever she dies, instead of wearing what she died in, as ghosts are want to do.

As fire and rain clearly illustrates, Oasis' mind is more than a little mixed up, and who can blame her. Subject to control by doctor Steve for who knows how long, a memory filled with hidden memories and blackouts, heck, we don't even know if she actually remembers having a past, let alone weather its true or not. Oasis memories seem spotty from death to death, as does her psychological status. Here are some theories on just what's going on in that head of hers.

The Brain Implant Theory
States that Oasis has an implant in her brain that transmits memories to either the next Oasis or to a central computer and then the next Oasis, whenever she dies.
    -There is no one to oversee the download.
      -Doctor Steve may have set it up to be automatic
      -May have it set up so that if Oasis' implant sends the memories at given intervals, and that if it fails to report, the next Oasis receives the latest memories
    -Steve hasn't come back yet. If he had an implant that could transfer a mind into a new body, why not use it on himself?
      -The implant may only be installable into an undeveloped body such as an unborn child or an incomplete clone.
        -Steve is shown here with blood on his smock, yet Oasis is at a point where she has hair.
    -Oasis revivifies even after being hit by an EMP blast
      -if implant was set up to transmit at intervals, it wouldn't matter.
      -Implant might have been survived, only to have errors transmitting, which is why Oasis can't remember address of the house here
    -Oasis has demonstrated awareness for a short period after she dies

The Cyborg Brain Theory
States that Oasis' brain is partially artificial in nature, and that the human side feeds input to the robotic side, which, when trigger conditions are met, will take control of the human side, and make changes, such as manipulating her emotions and personality, or taking direct control, such as when override B1 is activated.
    -The memory loss during the assault on Hereti-Corp may indicate that the robotic side had taken over.
    -Fails to explain how the Torgy override and override B1 came into conflict here.
      -The robotic aspect of Oasis' brain may have been programmed to think of love as more important than anything else. Love was clearly important in the eyes of her creator/s, as evidence by the puritan values shown here, and the way Steve uses love as the ultimate test here.
    -Even after an EMP blast, Oasis is capable of activating override B1
      -One could argue that she was in a Faraday cage, and was thusly protected
    -Oasis knew exactly when the train in this strip was leaving

The Artificial Brain Theory
States that Oasis has an entirely high-tech robotic brain.
    -Dr. Steve commented that he did build Oasis' mind.
    -A brain transplant would be nigh impossible for the body to survive through, and even pushing what we know of Sluggy technology, grafting a brain to a new spine is far fetched.
    -Oasis has survived anEMP blast
      -One could argue that she was in a Faraday cage, and was thusly protected.

The Stowaway AI Theory
States that Oasis was fitted at one point with a brain implant containing an artificial intelligence used to control her, and that that AI grows weaker with every revivification.
    -Kusari, who is similar to Oasis, has shown increased amounts of free-will. Maybe this is because of a lack of a control centre for her 'AI', or maybe hers was programmed differently.
    -Each time Oasis dies, it could be viewed that she becomes more human and less 'cold-blooded' killer.

The Hair Transmiter Theory
States that Oasis' hair acts as a transmitter of as of yet unidentified purpose
    -If Oasis was created to be a super-assassin, as we know she was, then why would she possess such a glaringly identifiable trait unless it served some function?
    -Oasis comments, after her death in DDA, that her memories of the previus life are unclear. this may be due to the fact that she cut her hair, thereby reducing their effectivness as transmiters sending out memories after her death.
    -Kusari has similarily large 'hair', though we never actually see it, suggesting that it is in fact a part of the design.
    -It may have something far more practical from a storytelling purpose, creating a unique character design for example
    -Dr.Steve may have just liked the style, and as such, taught Oasis to like it.
    -It may serve as either a functional or metaphoric symbol to tie Oasis and Kusari to the Moon/Sun Twins, rather than act as a technological device.
      -Herreti-Corp has not yet shown any proficiency in regards to Magic, as such, it is doubtful they would incorporate the element into the design for this reason unless they knew.
        -Orsintos could have been working with hC, granting a supernatural aspect

The Pizza Roll Distraction Theory
States that failsafes are in place to protect Oasis from realizing her mind control. This is why Oasis has such a hard time concentrating here.
    -For a mind control assasin to realize that she is not, say, a lesbian, in the middle of, say, a tell-all date, could critically compromise the mission.
    -Oasis has always been fairly resistant to accepting the idea that she is being controlled. Even during her introduction arc, when it was very apparent.
    -For her emotions to be 'real' she would have to think that they were her own, after all
      -Oasis could simply be in a state of denial
        -Denial is often not so forcefull
          -In The Isle of Doctor Steve, she changed minds so much, its hard to believe she was simply in denial.

The Puppet Master Theory
States that all of the Oasis' we see are 'puppets' controlled by a centralized Oasis entity.
    -Fits the definition of a 'controlled mind made human' and 'the puppet is the puppeteer'
    -Death would have no effect on memory, as it would be stored in the central Oasis entitity.
      -Death could be a very tramatic event, forcing memory loss to preserve sanity and secrecy.
    -If central Oasis is some sort of ghost in a machine, that would explain the Orsintos connection
    -Time lag would make this all but impossible
      -Since when has sluggy let science stop it?
    -Fails to explain variences in Oasis' personality
      -Central entity may be programmed to try a different personality variant each time one fails.
    -Oasis managed to remain aware even after her death here, when her 'input' would be cut off
    -Adds meaning to 'know yourself': find yourself; find the computer
    -She was in the orphanage at age of six, visibly being six.
      -Could have been an early model 'puppet', the central entity itself, or the 'puppets' are biological and have grown up.
    -Would explain why hC wants to find Steve's lab: to figure out where the central entity is.

The Emotional Elevation Theory
States that the 'controlled mind made human' comment refers to the way that to give something (such as a robot) emotions, is to make it 'human', and that thats exactly what steve was most proud of.

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Assorted Deities
One of the more widely believed theories (or, at least one of the more debated theories) concerns one of the more obscure characters: the Moon Twin (originally featured hereand here). Some believe that the moon twin is the one that caused Gwynn's vision, which would link the Moon Twin and Oasis arcs. For more information on the Moon twin and theories related to her, please see this thread. There have also been a number of discussions regarding Oasis' soul, and the spirituality of the sluggyverse as a whole. Here are the theories and the arguments concerning Oasis' ties to the gods, goddesses and spiritual forces that currently, or once did, dominate the world.
Warning: The Theories in this catagory tend to blur and mix with eachother quite often. it is very possible for all of them to be true, however, for ease of organisation, they are all writen without making assumptions that would tie them into any other theory in this catagory, unless specificly stated otherwise.

The Yin-Yang Theory
States that Oasis and Kusari are representative of the concepts of Yin and Yang (with Kusari being the yin to Oasis's yin)
    -Would allow for the symbolic duality of the sun and moon
    -Kusari spared Oasis' life outside of the restaurant in BWR. therefore showing that there is a bit of warmth (yin) in her otherwise cold cold, heartless demenor (yang)
    -Kusari was prancing (by the looks of it), after the survelence team was wiped out at the begining of Fire and Rain. she was also sitting cross-legged on top of the van a few panels later, so she's definantly not as entirely serius as we're led to believe.
    -Oasis, despite representing pasion and intensity, follows orders much more willingly than the cold, logical Kusari. despite the way this contridicts with the rest of their symbolism.
    -The Moon/Sun twins were shown joined back to back in the Kron story, completing eachother, much like the yin and yang.

The 28 Greeks Later Theory
States that Oasis and Kusari are in some way or part, the Greek Gods Artemis and Apollo.
    -Legend states that Artemis would bath naked in a lake. Oasis was bathing naked in a lake when we first met her.
    -Artemis was symbolic of virginity. Oasis states that she wouldnt fool around with Torg until after they were married.
    -Artemis was Goddess of the hunt. Oasis has proven her ability to survive in the wilderness and to hunt woodland animals.
    -Artemis was represented by the moon, her brother Apollo by the Sun, therefore linking the sun/moon imagery to them.

      -This could be seen as contradictory evidence, based upon the fact that Oasis normally has the Sun imagery and Kusari the Moon imagery.
        -It may be that each gets a different aspect of the Greek Twins' traits, with Kusari getting many, but not all of the darker traits.
    -The Pheonix is an egyption myth, but the word and imagery associated with it today is of greek origin.
    -The 'Know Thyself' phrase that Oasis is fond of can be found on a column in a temple of apollo.
    -Daedalus (of myth) built a temple to Apollo after the death of his son.

    -Kusari and Ikarus are anagrams of eachother

The Moon Twin Theory
States, simply, that Oasis is in some way or part, the Moon Twin. See the 'Other Threads of Interest' section for a link to an explenation on who exactly the Moon Twin is.
    -The Moon Twin is presented as a deity-like figure, which would explain all of Oasis' supernatural seeming abilities, such as her immortality and her fighting skill.
    -The Moon Twin was represented with a similar figure ("the Sun-Twin") in her first strip. This can be viewed as implying that the two compliment each other in a yin-yang relationship similar to the relationship between Kusari and Oasis
      -Kusari has said that she and Oasis are related.
    -Fails to explain the connection with Dr. Steve and Hereti-Corp.
      -Oasis and Kusari may be clones of, reincarnations of, or embodiments of the sun and moon twins, all of which have the potential to be captured and experimented with.
    -The crescent moon in the first panel of this vision implies that the Moon Twin sent it, and the vision does contain much information about Oasis.
      -If Oasis is the Moon Twin, how could she have sent the vision, and why?
        -Possible that it was a subliminal manifestation of her power, seeking help or delivering warning.
    -In Mr. Stix' background story, Moon twin was shown as being a kind being capable of great wrath. We see that Oasis is very kind in her interactions with a neutral character such as Kiki, and we see her wrath in her interactions with everything that stands between her and Torg.
    -When first found by Torg, she was bathing nude, just as Artemis (who was depicted with a crescent moon) was when found by Actaeon.
    -Some of the border text in Gwynn's vision reads "from heaven"
    -If Oasis' body was artificially created, it may have been a soulless void. Theoretically, this soulless void may have inadvertantly sucked in a non-corporeal entity, such as the Moon Twin.
    -The Orsintos group was working on weaponizing ghosts. Whos to say that its a big jump between capturing/harnessing spirits and capturing/harnessing gods?

The Oasis is the Sun Twin Theory
States that Oasis is in some way or part, the Sun Twin, and Kusari the Moon Twin. Much of the supporting and countering points in the moon twin theory above also apply to this theory, and, as such, have not been repeated here.
    -Both the sun and Oasis are associated with fire.
    -The moon receives its light from the sun. Kusari could be seen as emulating Oasis in many ways, just as the moon could be seen as emulating the sun by reflecting its light.
    -Oasis has four pillars for her hair, which could be seen as four rays of sun. Kusari has cresent-moon shaped hair which could be seen as the moon.
    -Oasis can be easilly associated with Pheonix imagery. The pheonix is a bird of flame, and therefore, can be linked to the sun.

    -Chen comments that he needs a 'Replacement Kusari', implying that Kusari's (and potentially therefore Oasis') revivifications are technological in nature.

Kusari once commented that Oasis had gotten weaker. This managed to spark a number of theories concerning the reasoning behind the apparent weakening. These are those theories. It should be noted that many people chose to ignore this section alltogether, chosing to auto-adopt the outside force theory.

The Improper Use Theory
States that, following the 'part alien theory', Oasis may have reduced fighting ability with each incarnation because skills and abilities are damaged along with memory when mind transference is done.
    -Wouldn't have been much of a problem with the mostly unskilled, such as Art Belal or with aliens such as the Gray Team.

The Repeating Error Theory
States that, just as one loses quality each time one photocopies a photocopy, each time Oasis is killed, her skills, and to a lesser extent, her sanity, decrease in quality.

The Outside Force Theory
States that the apparent decrease of skill pointed out here was caused not by an error in the revivification, but was rather due to an outside force.
    -If Oasis had been waiting outside the restaurant for so long, she may have been suffering from a lack of training
    -Kusari's comments that Hereti-Corp was using special bullets, which had nicked Oasis. These may have been responsible for the apparent weakness.
    -Oasis seems to be capable of doing many other things with no loss of skill or signs of difficulty whatsoever.

The Physical Conditioning Theory
States that if clones were being produced, they wouldn't have any of the calluses, physical conditioning or muscle memory of the original, as those things are not genetic and wouldn't be duplicated in a cloned body, regardless of weather not the clone may retain all of their predecessor's memories.
    -If Steve had been able to create fully developed clones, he may have been able to duplicate the physical conditioning.

The Magical Phase Theory
States that, following the Oasis is Moon Twin theory, if Kusari is the "Sun Twin", then as one rises in power; the other would sink in power, following a constant cycle.
    -Oasis does seem to follow a mental state cycle, going from sane the first time we see her, to crazy the second, to sane the third, to crazy the fourth, to sane the fifth.
      -Kusari exhibits no such cycle as of yet

The Self-Knowledge Theory
States that Oasis invariably loses fights because, (Bearing in mind the proverb "If you know yourself as well as your enemy, you will come out of one hundred battles with one hundred victories") she does not 'know herself'
    -Oasis tends to win many of her battles, even if she does die at the end
      -She lost to Kusari in Not A Good Idea, and Witch-Gwynn in Love Potion II, not to mention her defeat in DDA.
        -The Not A Good Idea loss could be the fault of any of the other theories in this section, Witch-Gwynn could be considered 'out of her league', and she did manage to put down most of the company during DDA.
    -May have been the reason she was able to defeat Kusari at the end of Fire and Rain; she had begun to 'find herself'
      -She had caught Kusari off guard though, so it may have had less to do with her knowing herself and more with tactical advantage

The Psyche Out Theory
States that Kusari may have made that statment in an attempt to gain psychological advantage over Oasis.
    If Kusari was truly stronger, then why did she not subdue Oasis at the end of Not A Good Idea? Kusari must be weaker, and therefore in need of phsycological advantage
    Kusari saw no point in taking the injured Oasis, she would not have lasted long enough to be of any use to hC.
The Oasis Cant Hurt Innocents Theory
States that Oasis, for whatever reason cannot hurt anyone who is innocent
    -Except when in an Override B1 state, Oasis has not hurt anyone whom we know to be innocent, in the case of fire and rain, completly failed to kill Zoe
      -Oasis has hurt a number of people who have gotten in her way
        Most of those who have gotten in Oasis way are not necissarilly innocent, and some of them who we know who we know to be, Ming for example, were not hurt at all
    -Oasis has never had any reason to hurt those who arent innocent (with a few exceptions thwarted only by chance). this may simply be a case of killing only when necissary

No one knows exactly where Oasis wakes up after each death. Claiming to have awoken outside the still burning rubble of Dr. Steve's complex after her first death, it is unknown where she has awoken the other three times. The following theories concern the location of oasis' awakenings and her ability to get where she needs to be immediately afterwards.

The Storage Facility Theory
States that Oasis' spare bodies are kept together someplace safe, such as underneath or nearby 'The Isle of Doctor Steve'.
    -Dr. Steve would have set the self-destruct sequence to destroy anything that Hereti-Corp could have used to learn his secrets, so such a cache would have been the first to go when the lab blew up.
      -Dr. Steve may not have been able to bring himself to destroy Oasis, especially seeing as, if the revivification is automated, she may have been meant to avenge Dr. Steve's loss or the loss of the lab.
    -In this stripOasis is shown arriving at the hospital an indeterminate, though presumably short, time after her death, not leaving her with enough time to go from an area near the lab to the hospital.
      -The locations of neither the hospital nor Dr. Steve's lab have been established. They may not be very far from each other at all.

The Teleportation Theory
States that upon one of Oasis' revivifications, she somehow teleports to the general vicinity in which her previous incarnation had died.
    -Not necessarily beyond the reach of technology seen in Sluggy Freelance.

The Scattered Pod Theory
States that Oasis' spare bodies are kept in a number of hidden locations scattered throughout an undeterminably large area.
    -Would explain how Oasis managed to arrive at the hospital quickly, and how she would come to arrive in Pennsylvania.
    -Oasis' spare bodies (if she has any) would be totally vulnerable in hibernation. If there was only one storage facility, and that facility was located, Project Oasis would end right there.
    -Scattering Oasis in multiple locations increases the likelihood of Hereti-Corp stumbling upon one of the cells and stealing Dr. Steve's technology.

The Cabin Lab Theory
States that 'the reasonably current log cabin with all the amenities' was set up by Dr. Steve, and that there is another lab under it.
    -The Cabin would be an ideal location, as it is close to Steve's Lab, but is inconspicius and wouldnt get caught in the baselab's destruction.
The Drop Pod Theory
States that Oasis is revived in orbit and droped near wherever she was killed
    -Would imply that steve had some kind of orbital base
    -Surely hC would simply keep tabs on these instead of trying to track down Oasis herself
    -any sort of orbital drop would very likely be noticable to bystanders

Doctor Steve is a blown-up megalomaniacal mad scientist. Daedalus is the shadowy head of a seedy conspiratorial evil corporation. Get them to room together and you've got yourself the latest sitcom from fox! Seriously though, Dr. Steve was the self-proclaimed trainer and mentor of oasis, Daedalus wants Oasis captured; both are important parts of the Oasis story. for more information concerning dr.steve and Daedalus, please refer to this thread. Here are the theories concerning their identities and history. (also, for more information on Daedalus through his Roberts connection, please see this topic.)

The Steve Stole from hC Theory
States that Hereti-Corp is after Steve because he stole research concerning the Oasis Project from them.[/i]
    -Chen as good as says so here
      -That may just be a cover story Daedalus has been using. Chen, while an important member, is hardly the sort to be trusting big secrets too.
    -why would Steve need to steal technology from his own company?
      -it may have been after Steve left Hereti-Corp
    -Daedalus never confirms Chen's suspicion.
    -Steve left hC the year Oasis was born
      -Oasis' 'birth' may have been the reason he left

The Daedalus is a Cultist of K'Z'K Theory
States that Daedalus is a memeber of Chilus' Cult of K'Z'K
    -this seems to be the first time Daedalus is given any information regarding the cult.
    -Daedalus lost Dan-met in the 28 geeks later fiasco. the cults actions hindered him in that instance

The Alternate Dimensions Theory
States that Daedalus may be one of the main characters from a different dimension
    -hC does not have a Dimensional Flux Agitator
      -The dimensional transfer may have been unintentional

The Doctor Steve Is Daedalus Theory
States that, when read upside down, the third panel of Gwynn's visionstates "Dr. Steve is Daedalus" and that such is to be taken in its literal sense.
    -The message is cut off at both ends, and may say something entirely different.
    -The symbols at the bottom don't match up exactly with the symbols at the top, and may just be there to detract people from the "Dr. Steve" at the top.

    -If Daedalus was Dr.Steve, why would he need to interrigate torg to discover the location of the baselab?
    -Both Daedalus and Dr. Steve have expressed interest in world domination.

The Project Daedalus Threory
States that Daedalus is a prototype or early version of the Oasis.
    -Daedalus, despite having run Hereti-Corp for since Dr. Steve's departure, has a very youthful head of hair when we him in Burger Meister.
    -Seems to have an impeccable knowledge about Oasis.
    -Roberts may have been one of the scientists who created Daedalus, which could explain why he is so unafraid of him.
    -'Daedalus' is almost definantly a code name.
    -Dr Steve may have used the memory transfer procedure on himself to create Daedalus, which would explain how Daedalus knows so much, but due to imperfects, resulted in Daedalus not knowing where Steve's base is.
    -Alternativly, Dr.Steve may have built his baselab after constructing Daedalus, but doing it in secret for his own protection.
    -The 'The Puppet is the Puppeteer' line from Gwynn's vision may be refering to Daedalus being the pupeteer, as he is the guy 'pulling all the strings' whith regards to hC. therefore, given the context of the vision, you could say he's as much a 'puppet' (as in, an artificial being) as Oasis is.

The Magical Being Theory
States that Daedalus is a magical being of an unknown nature.
    -Would explain how Daedalus maintains a youthful appearance.
    -There are several aspects of the nameless one still unaccounted for, and Daedalus is pretty evil.

      -Daedalus has shown no signs of knowledge concerning K'Z'K whatsoever, and has only just recently been informed of the cult.
    -Daedalus has shown no signs of magical abilities whatsoever beyond an uncanny ability to succeed in the business world

    -May explain aversion to light, as there are several magical beings opposed to light, such as vampires.

The Daedalus is Mr. Stix Theory
States that Daedalus is Mr. Stix in disguise
    -Mr. Stix is constantly seeking out new bodies, and a company that can produce them would be a logical target.
    -It makes a lot of sense for the Hereti-Corp board to be so afraid of him if he is indeed a murderous, sentient puppet.
    -Following the Oasis is the Moon Twin theory; Mr. Stix would want to find her to lift his curse.
    -Daedalus does not age, and Mr. Stix would be capable of stealing the same clone's face over and over again
    -would explain the 'puppet is the puppetmaster' comment in border text of Gwynn's vision
      -Could also explain why Daedalus avoids light, as it would show just how rotted his face may be.
    -Mr. Stix and the other Halloween monsters are trapped behind the obsidian gate
    -Mr. Stix is involved in the Holiday wars story arc, and it is unlikely that Daedalus could take the time off.
      -He's the boss, and he's got a knife, he can do whatever he wants
      -Mrs. Claus once said that time doesn't always flow as well as some people think, maybe he somehow managed to not need to take time off.

The Doctor Steve Isnt Dead Theory
States that Doctor Steve is not, in fact, dead, and is still watching out for and guiding Oasis from afar.
    -We saw him blow up
      -We know his lab blew up, he may very well have escaped at the last moment.
    -He could be playing dead in order to test Oasis programming, as it were, see how she handles the love command and evolves as a human.
      -Oasis knowing he is still alive could ruin this
    -That may be him in the background of the last panel in this strip.
    -The man claims to have created an immortal assasin. If he had access to immortality technology, why not use it on himself?
      -Oasis was an experiment from a very early age. perhaps you have to 'grow up' immortal.

Kusari; weapon in name and body alike. A harlequin styled member of the Hereti-Corp board, a large part of the Oasis retrieval program, and most importantly, not unfamiliar with having a psychotic assassin cut her head off, Kusari is almost as mysterious as Oasis is. Here are the theories concerning her.

The Quality Control Theory
States that an army of Kusaris have not been unleashed all at once because doing so may cause errors in the memory recovery method.

The Physical Control Theory
States that an army of Kusaris would attempt to overthrow the Hereti-Corp board, and that the only thing keeping her in line is the fact that if she dies, Hereti-Corp will bring her back to life.

The New Model Theory
States that Kusari is a different version of Oasis, be it an improved upon model, or a previous model.
    -Dr Steve has commented that emotions are very difficult to duplicate. Kusari seems to be very unemotional, suggesting that Oasis was created to add emotions to a Kusari-type project
    -Kusari may wear a mask because she's physically flawed, an error that would have been corrected in a later model, which could be Oasis.
    -Kusari seems concerned about being viewed as inferior to Oasis, which may be a side effect of Oasis being a more advanced model.

The Highly Expensive Theory
States that Hereti-Corp does not manufacture an army of Kusaris due to the expence associateced with the creation or maintanence of any given Kusari unit.
    -Would explain why it took so long for Kusari to revive
      -It could take a long time to grow a clone to adulthood
        -Still, Hereti-Corp would have had backup Kusaris already on standby if it wasn't somehow prohibitive
    -Oasis doesn't have any problems coming back to life, and, following the "Multiple Bodies Theory", Dr. Steve doesn't seem like he has that much money.
      -Dr. Steve seemed focused solely on Oasis, as if he would spare no expense for her.
      -This could explain Hereti-Corp's attempts to acquire Dr. Steve's knowledge; he has developed a significantly cheaper method of producing assassins.

The One Soul Theory
States that, there is one particular soul that is Kusari's, and Kusari can only be controlled through that soul. Hereti-Corp can only have one Kusari at a time because the Kusari Entity can only have one body at a time.
    -Does not explain why Hereti-Corp has no Kusaris on standby
      -that may split the Kusari Entity's control over two bodies, weakening both.
    -Hereti-Corp has not shown itself very adept in magic.
      -One of the high-ranking Hereti-Corp-ers could be involved in magic, keeping this knowlege, along with Kusari's true nature, a secret for some other agenda.
        -May explain why Daedalus keeps Roberts around.
    -Could be tied to Orsintos ghost research

The Flexible Programming Theory
States that kusari is the exact same as Oasis, save for the fact that her programming looser, not giving control of specifics such as emotions, but allowing her to act quite independantly and therefore able to perform in a wider range of situations
    -would make sense to allow more flexibility, so as to prevent following orders to the letter, rather than the spirit, as Oasis was prone to do
    -Would explain Kusari's desire to prover herself as better than Oasis, as Kusari may be used to being treated as though shes inferior because they have less control over her
The Multiple Brainwashed People Theory
States that Kusari is more of a 'rank' than an individual, with each new Kusari being someone new selected for the role and then brainwashed so as to believe herself to be the only Kusari
    -Would explain the mask, as it would be important that each Kusari not figure it all out over something as simple as a difference in appearence
    -If Kusari was a different person each time, then why grant her a seat on the shadowy board?

Death really isn't a big factor for Oasis. Here's why we think why. There are two major camps regarding death. Those that believe that there are many copies of Oasis are said to subscribe to the Multiple Oasis Thoery (MOTs) and those who believe that there is only one Oasis are said to subscribe to the Single Oasis Thoeries (SOTs).

The Serial Immortality Theory
States that each time Oasis dies, she is given a new body, thusly keeping her alive forever.
    -Chen once commented on needing a 'replacement' Kusari.
    -Oasis does not scar from one death to another
    -Kusari didnt plant a tracker back in Not A Good Idea, claiming it would do much good as she wouldnt last the night.

The Highly Fortunate Theory
States that Oasis has never actually died and that Pete is just jerking us around.
    -Medical professionals have pronounced Oasis dead
    -Oasis appears in full health and clothed after her death at the hospital

    -We have seen Oasis with a bullet through her head

The Natural Resurrection Theory
States that Oasis is naturally capable of coming back to life each time she dies.
    -In Fire and Rain, Oasis was symbolic of fire, an element commonly associated with the phoenix, which is capable of rising from the flames, born anew.
      -Kusari has no such symbolism associated with her, yet is capable of escaping death
    -Supports the Oasis is the Moon Twin theory.
    - The sun renews every day and Oasis seems to renew quite frequently, supporting the sun symbolism.
      - Oasis reappeared in under a day at the end of BWR
    -We have been led to believe that Oasis leaves a corpse.

The Single, Immortal, Oasis Theory
States that Oasis' ability to come back to life does not involve more than one body so much as it does a simple inability to die
    -we have seen, on a number of occassions Oasis body effectivly destroyed when she dies (through explosions, mostly).
      -Oasis has shown that she can recover from serius burns (Fire and Rain), and we havnt actually seen her body destroyed.
    -We have been ledto believe that she leaves a body after death.

The Soul Cage Theory
States that Oasis' body is simply a cage for her soul, and when she dies it becomes free to return to it's 'body', which is just another oasis shaped cage.
    +Torg basically commented to Aylee that this is basically what a body is.
    +Gwynn was in a coma without her soul, and her soul automatically returned when released. perhaps Oasis' other bodies function similarilly.

The Corpse Snatcher Theory
States that when Oasis dies, she reaches out and 'adopts' a nearby corpse as her new body, physically altering it accordingly. See also The Body Snatcher Theory below.
    -Why not just bring the old one back to life?
      -Any effort required to shape someone into oasis would be far less than the effort to just plain fix her old body
        -Demons and Vampires change form all the time, so its apparently not all that difficult for supernatural beings.
      -Perhaps one cannot possess a body twice?
    -The nearest corpse to her body in Pheonix rising was Lupeas, and it was still accounted for afterwards.
    -Fails to explain where her equipment comes from.
    -Would explain personality variances as being 'body specific'

The Body Snatcher Theory
States that when Oasis dies, she reaches out and 'adopts' a nearby body as her own. See also The Corpse Snatcher Theory, above.
    -Oasis herself seems to believe it here.
    -Why not just take control of Nash then, instead of fighting him again?
    -Would explain personality variances as being 'body specific'
    -Fails to explain where her equipment comes from.
    -Why would she spawn so far away at the end of DDA?

While Oasis origins are one of her big mysteries, it is not until recently tht we have begin to find clues regarding it. With the appearence of the mysterius Orsintos labs and the clue from the past that is the orphanage, many theories have arissen in response to the questions that these clues have brought up.

Elf-Data Theory 1: The True Neutral Theory
States that the reason Oasis has not appeared in Santa's naughty nice books since she was six is because she has existed in a state of naughty/nice neutrality ever since
    -one could say that morality is a side effect of free will. if she isnt in control, can she really be good or evil?
      -santa doesnt seem to disguish neutrality, everyone is either put into naughty or nice.

Elf-Data Theory 2: The Destroyed Recordings Theory
States that the reason Oasis has not appeared in Santa's naughty-nice books since she was six is because all the records of her before or since have been destroyed
    -hC is big on hiding its projects
      -If hC had access to the black ops elves' data, the search for Schlock would'nt have taken as long as it did
      -its never been established that hC knows about the holidays
        -Riffs notes may have mentioned them from the On The Run arc
          -Riff never knew they were christmas elves
      -Why miss the data about the orphanage?
    -The elves are hardly the most competent beings out there. The destruction of data seems plausable and likely
    -Given that Oasis is prone to dying, she could have been removed from the watch list due to death.

Elf-Data Theory 3: The Off the Radar Theory
States that Oasis was hidden from Santa-surveilance as part of Steve's surveilance measures
    -Steve was hiding from hC, and they do tend to have good surveilance capabilities
      -One would think Santa could get around such tricks
        -Bun Bun has managed to hide from Santa since returning from OU
          -BunBun knows about Santa. Steve likely never even considered it.

The Escaped Experiment Theory
States that Oasis was 'born' as an experiment, and that her stay at the orphanage was due to her escaping and eventually being tracked down.
    -Oasis being a mind controlled being makes this very unlikely
      -She may not have been controlled at the time. the escape may have necessitated that aspect of her project
        -Steve's rant seemed to imply that the mind control was very much central to the Oasis project
        -The 'controlled mind made human' implies that she has allways been controlled
    -The photo shows that she was at the Orsintos lab before the orphange
    -She allready possessed extrordinary abilities upon her time at the orphanage

The Smuggled Goods Theory
States that Oasis' stay at the orphanage was a means for Steve to smuggel her out of hC control during their falling out
    -Time line inconsistancy. Steve left Hereti Corp six years before Oasis showed up at the orphanage
      -Steve could have set plans in motion to have her smuggled out once she had grown, or he could have been working with an inside man
    -Would explain the drop off by mysterius figure and the pickup within a short window.

The Split Project Theory
States that Oasis is a joint or failed Orsintos project that hC or Steve saught to aquire in order to apply own touches. Basically, Orsintos brand immortality, hC brand mind control.
    -hC has generally not been a very supernatually oriented company. explains Oasis potential supernatural side

There has been some speculation on what the future has to store for our favorite assassin. Here it is. This is more general guessing and awesomeness than anything else, mind you, so dont take it too seriusly.

The Kickass Fight Scene Theory
States that whenever Oasis goes up against any character with significant combat powers (bunbun and aylee included), there will be a totally kickass Fight Scene
    -This is the single most agreed upon theory.
    -This is more an undeniable fact then it is a theory.

The Noble Sacrifice Theory
States that Oasis will nobley sacrifice herself (for good) to save Torg, even after her programming is removed
    -Would be a very dramatic moment.

The Torg-Zoe Love Theory
States that Oasis will end up being the element that finally gets Torg and Zoe together
    -Would be very fitting, concidering her earlier role as the thing keeping them apart.
    -Oasis, realizing that Torg loves Zoe, may make the ultimate sacrifice for her love and help Torg and Zoe get together
    -Oasis, by putting Zoe or Torg in danger, may make them better appreciate their love for eachother, thereby indirectly helping them get together.

The Happilly Ever After Theory
States that Oasis will live happilly ever after
    -would be inconsistant with Oasis dramatic development.
    -would meen either she stops loving Torg, or Torg ends up not loving Zoe.

The Oasis Powering Chaz Theory
States that Oasis' blood will be used to power Chaz during an important battle
    -Would be a convenient means of powering Chaz in an important battle.
    -Oasis' innocence is questionable.

The Pete Is Ad-Libbing Theory
States that Pete really doesnt have any idea Who/What Oasis is and is just making it all up as he goes along.
    -Many other writers follow this style of writing/plot set-up
    -Every hint and foreshadowing is so ambiguous
      -it is often the case that ambiguous foreshadowing becomes blatenly apparent once the payoff is unveiled.
    -Pete has shown in the past that he enjoys setting things up far in advance. Oasis, being an important character with many ties to villains and other characters, would most definantly have her backstory fully planned out.
    -Really, wheres the fun in believing this theory?
    -Pete once adresed Oasis return in an interview

The Star Wars Theory
States that Torg and Oasis are brother and sister
    -We know nothing about either of their parents
    -could bring about an interesting twist in the Oasis-Torg relationship, as Oasis' programed love might switch from 'passionate love' to 'sisterly love' when she finds out.

The Death to Torgy Theory
States that as a part of knowing herself, Oasis will find herself having to kill Torg
    -In one of her more unbalanced states, one might be able to convince Oasis that to truly know herself, she'd have to get rid of or overcome all her programing. Overcoming her love for torg might involve killing him.
    -Torg is one of (if not the) main characters. his death (unless non-permanent) would harken dark days in the sluggyverse.

The following is a list of people who have contributed to the collection of theories and thoughts gathered here. If the list seems short, it is because names are listed only upon contributor request for all theories before W.O.H.P.A.O.H.2. That being said... If you were part of the previus discussions and would like to be credited for any of the your theories, PM me with details!

-Creation, Updates, Upkeep and Maintinence. Also: Chronic Lateness.

-Provided the "Facts" list.

-The Soul Void Theory

Blackcat Moebius:
-The Pawn of Bun-bun Oasis Theory

-The Highly Expensive Theory
-The One Soul Theory

Taurus II:
-The Yin-Yang Theory
-The 'Puppet is the Puppeteer' Override Theory

-The Pete Is Ad-Libbing Theory

-The Self-Knowledge Theory

-The Physical Brain Implant Theory

-The Symbiote Theory

-Elf-Data Theory 1: The True Neutral Theory

-Elf-Data Theory 2: The Destroyed Records Theory

-Elf-Data Theory 3: the Off-The-Radar Theory

-The Split Project Theory

-"The Pizza roll distraction theory"

-"The puppet master theory"

-For keeping the thread sticky, proofreading, and for being the SRC moderator.

And You!
-Thanks for playing!
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Postby RYXlord » Wed May 21, 2008 1:50 pm

Bet you thought youd never see this, huh?

Long story short, between fire, theft, and alien abduction, I've had to not only put this project on hold, but start from scratch no less than four times over the past two years.
Those Sluggy: the Freelancing cards were all stored with Mao, so thats really the reason they survived where this did not.

I lost alot of my in-progress data on this one, so i'm missing a few things like some contributors, but i'm pretty sure i've recovered all the theories for this one.

But enough about me. lets get down to the task at hand.

There was recently some questioning regarding the time line. here's something on Oasis' early life that I quickly peiced together. I'll probably make this an official section of W.O.H.P.A.O.H. 6, once we get more info.
    1950 - Establishment of Orsintos Labs
    1968 - Zombie group captured
    1968 - Zombie group takes control of Orsintos Zombie Lab
    1969 - Steven Hereti's private research begins
    1982 - Steven Hereti Leaves Hereti-Corp / Oasis born
    1988 - Crazed-looking man drops Oasis off at virginia orphanage. flees before authorities arrive
    1988 - One month later, Oasis is adopted by Doctor Steve
That means:
-If Oasis was 6 at the orphanage, then she was born the year Steve left hC.
-Steve's research (the thirty years worth lost in the self-destruct) begins the year after the zombie's escaped.

Unfortunantly, hC's founding is only established as 'many years ago', so we have no set timeline on that.

Another interesting thing that turned up in my research lately? There has been alot of speculation about the deeper meanings of varius words, but i'm pretty sure no one noticed this one yet...

Giddy: Frivolous and lighthearted; flighty.
Word history: The word giddy refers to fairly lightweight experiences or situations, but at one time it had to do with profundities. Giddy can be traced back to the same Germanic root *gud– that has given us the word God. The Germanic word *gudigaz formed on this root meant “possessed by a god.” Such possession can be a rather unbalancing experience, and so it is not surprising that the Old English descendant of *gudigaz, gidig, meant “mad, possessed by an evil spirit,” or that the Middle English development of gidig, gidi, meant the same thing, as well as “foolish; mad (used of an animal); dizzy; uncertain, unstable.” Our sense “lighthearted, frivolous” represents the ultimate secularization of giddy.

Oasis is as 'possessed by a god' as a school girl.

Noli evocare quod reprimere non potes,
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Postby pasquirlio » Wed May 21, 2008 2:51 pm

Wow. That's all I can say. Well, except for, do you have a day job? (just kidding!) I'm impressed with all the information you've been able to gather and organize.
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Postby Warbaine » Mon May 26, 2008 3:39 pm

What if there where in fact several different commands similar to override B1 that oasis could activate at will? The memories that crawl up on her from Dr. Steve might very well tell these commands. This would fit "The puppet is the puppeteer" very well.
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Postby PikaPuff » Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:54 am

has anyone mentioned that this storyline (that's the spirit) will probably relate to oasis somehow?
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Postby MrJest » Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:24 am

PikaPuff wrote:has anyone mentioned that this storyline (that's the spirit) will probably relate to oasis somehow?

My thought exactly; we sort of got side-tracked at Christmas time before anyone (as far as we could see) examined the Orsintos notes. The "Phoenix Rising" storyline was blatently unresolved while we wandered around elsewhere for over a year, and I've been expecting a return for some time now.

Mr. "Just didn't think the path would lead through Gwynn and Zoe..." Jest
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Postby Keevan » Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:34 pm

PikaPuff wrote:has anyone mentioned that this storyline (that's the spirit) will probably relate to oasis somehow?

Perhaps, but likely no more than as a side element. I am still expecting this one to be more of a ten minutes at a party length story, serving to fill in a bit more time time before the next epic. However, when riff has had access to the Orsintos notes, and builds himself powered armor which he believes has the ability to kill him, and leave his ghost standing around commenting on it... well, a connection seems likely.
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Postby VVK » Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:21 am

Wow. Some thread. The contents section reminds me of James Fazer's The Golden Bough. (You have to have seen it to know what I mean.) Anyway, no-one seems to have posted this bit of speculation yet.

At some point, I thought about the fact that Kusari always wears a mask. It seemed to imply that finally seeing her face would have to be some kind of a revelation. And one theory why it would be so seemed fairly obvious: because, I suspect, she looks exactly like Oasis. Well, aside from what difference personality alone can make on one's face. And probably with different hair, but that's beside the point.

First off, this should be possible, since it seems that both Oasis and Kusari are something else than just human, probably the result of some version of the same experiment. They certainly have very similar abilities. But more than anything, everything we have seen of Kusari is physically identical to Oasis. They've got the exact same tall and thin, long-legged, gratuitously large-breasted body shape; and, if Kusari's mask adheres to her lower face at all closely, she also has the same kind of anime-like chin as Oasis.

Well, I suppose this also leaves room for the idea that they're, say, startlingly similar-looking but in a contrasting, mirror imaged kind of way, if they're the Sun and Moon Twins or something.
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Postby VVK » Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:47 am

Okay, I suppose I have another theory too, although this isn't so much a serious theory about what Oasis is in the story's world as maybe related to what Pete was thinking when creating the character. Hmm, come to think of it, I'd be surprised if someone hasn't pointed this out before, but here we go, anyway:

Oasis Is an Anime Character
Physically she's long-legged and thin yet curvaceous, and has a delicate face and chin, eyes that are often drawn as oversized, and strikingly-coloured, large, weird, almost gravity-defying hair. She often wears weird outfits, but also likes to go randomly naked. She has some kind of super-powered fighting skills. She has been brainwashed to think she's in love with the geeky male main character, and harasses him while behaving generally nonsensically. She's also randomly violent, often in "humorous" ways.

Seriously, all that's missing is that Oasis would randomly and innocently push her oversized bosom into other people's faces, and that's probably because Pete maintains some standards.

Look at <a href="http://sluggy.com/daily.php?date=010204">this</a>, for instance; is Oasis really very different from the usual, other than just more exaggerated?
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"New" Oasis Theory: Kesandru's Nanites

Postby Alt-Calix » Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:31 am

This is my theory of Oasis.

Oasis started out with a normal human body. Proabably a very good one, but basically normal nonetheless. At some point this was augmented by the addition of nanites which were essentially tiny tablets with Kesandru-style spirit wards and spells on them. The first main purpose of these wards would be to capture Oasis's spirit and hold it forcibly in her corpse pending ressurection. The second would be to trap additional spirits to use as an energy source for repairing the physical damage to her body. A possible third effect of the nanites could be to use excess spirit energy to boost her physical speed, stamina, and reaction time.

This would explain a couple of things. First, the reason she comes back exactly the same, without scars from her previous life/death, and with a certain amount of equipment is that all this is copied from her spirit-form by the nanites. Second, the reason that she only completely regenerates after she dies, and not when she is merely wounded, is that the nanites don't kick in the repair-mode until she is actually dead. Essentially, every time Oasis dies, the spirit-wards on the nanites hold her soul in the remains of her body, and then force the body to conform to the soul. (It also might explain Kusari's comments about how Oasis was weaker than before, since she had used a lot of her spirit-energy regenreating from the explosion and during/after her fight with witch-Gwen. I, however, tend to ascribe that weakness as being due to the H-C agents' "special bullets".)

To answer a one of the possible objections: the reason this worked when she was exploded in the lab was that enough of the nanites survived to capture the soul and begin the repair process. The time required for the repair has to do with the number of surviving nanites, the number of spirits in reserve, and the amount of damage.

Of course, this doesn't explain her mind. I'm still working on that one.

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Postby Mao » Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:29 am

VVK wrote:
Oasis Is an Anime Character

If you want to seriously maintain that theory, you can say that she comes from the Punyverse. :P

Anyhow this is a lot of work, thanks for taking time to do all this RYXLord!
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Postby Mercuria » Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:29 pm

I'd like to add an Elf-Data Theory 4:

In support of various weaponized-ghost theories, Oasis has been dead since age 6, and Santa doesn't track the dead, regardless of their continued activities on Earth.
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Postby Alt-Calix » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:57 am

Interesting theory, Mercuria. Do we know if the elves have/had data on the Sampire, or any of the other vampires we've met?
Of course, lack of elf-data on Oasis could support the assorted-divinity theories as well... Does Santa track gods, angels, godlings, holidays, or other supernatural beings?
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Postby Tropico » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:14 pm


I can't believe I'd gotten so used to the old WOHPAOH being there that I didn't notice this until just now :sam:

Anyway, fantastic job. Very good to see it back... and just in time too, since we're getting news hints of a certain redhead being on the story-queue :oasis: ... I think we can look forward to the number of theories doubling or tripling by the time we come out the other side :gwynn:
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